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How to use and maintain silicone breast forms?


How to wear it

  1. Take out the silicone breast carefully and put it in the special bra.
  2. The silicone breasts with protective sleeves are put into the interlayer of specialized silicone breast brassiere and adjust the position properly.
  3. Wearing a bra, one cup first with the silicone breast circled, and then put on the other side of the cup.

Maintenance method

  1. Do not remove the protective membrane of silicone breast.
  2. Every time, please put the silicone breast in a special protection bag and then wear it, so as to prevent the sharp products from damaging the silicone breast. In case of an inadvertent puncture, immediately seal the break with a transparent rubber cloth.
  3. Do not squeeze, knead silica gel breast.
  4. Do not put silicone breasts under the sun, or stored near the high temperature.
  5. Silicone breast needs cleaning and washing, please use 32 degrees below water rinse, detergent, do not use strong acid and alkali detergent. Dry after washing, do not drying or insolate.
  6. Normal use of time, silicone breast surface if there is no dirt, it is recommended to clean one week, cleaning is not very frequent.
  7. Silicone breast after the use of timely collection and loading, to prevent deformation or damage. In the long run, clean the silica gel first and put it in the box.

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