21 thoughts on “How to Select a Silicone breast forms?

  1. Sprouley78 says:

    I am 183cm tall. I weigh 83kgs and my chest size is 103cms.

    I would like E cup silicone breasts forms with the silicone straps which I believe are $119.00…how do I order them exactly like that please?


    • ivitalk says:

      Hi, thanks for your leave message, we have already change the listing, please check it again, you can select cup size and color as you want. you can see the size chart in description. As you body data, we recommend you size 6XL may like E cup for you. contact us feel free if you have any questions.

  2. Doner says:

    Hi there
    Actually I want it for female itself who have small boobs, I just want size B boobs with space to cover hers.

    • ivitalk says:

      Hi, We have already design large style breast forms, will listing those day, you can follow our store. we will recommend a suitable item for you soon.

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